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Criminal Defense Representation Backed By Decades Of Experience

When you are facing serious criminal charges and your freedom is on the line, you can’t afford to hire a general practice lawyer. You need an advocate with an in-depth knowledge of criminal law, significant courtroom experience and a reputation for exceptional client service. No matter where you live in California, you can find your defense lawyer at Zarabi Law.

Our Los Angeles-based practice is primarily dedicated to criminal defense. Our team of attorneys, led by Elliot Zarabi, has more than 60 years of combined legal experience. When you hire our firm, you can be sure that you will work directly with a seasoned legal professional who is client-focused and results-driven. These are some of the many values and benefits that set us apart from other firms.

Comprehensive Defense Against All California Criminal Charges

No matter what you’ve been accused of, our attorneys have likely helped others facing similar circumstances. We regularly represent clients facing criminal charges related to:

Child abuse: Accusations are commonly leveled against parents and professionals who work with children, based on little evidence. To protect yourself and your family when facing child abuse charges, work with a firm that puts client well-being at the heart of its practice.

Domestic violence: Whether the domestic violence allegations against you were false or exaggerated, our attorneys want to help you clear your name and protect your rights.

Drug offenses: Possession offenses are the most common, but we can defend you against drug charges related to distribution/sale, manufacturing, possession of paraphernalia and more.

Driving under the influence (DUI): Whether you were accused of being over the legal limit for blood alcohol content or driving while impaired by drugs, our attorneys will fight to help you keep your license and to resolve the charges as favorably as possible.

Sex crimes: Conviction for a sex offense can result in lengthy prison sentences, steep fines and mandatory sex offender registration. We work quickly to preserve your reputation and defend your freedom.

Theft: From shoplifting to embezzlement, it is important to take theft charges seriously and seek the help of an experienced defense attorney.

Vandalism and property crimes: Our attorneys advocate for clients who have been accused of malicious damage to or destruction of public property or private property owned by others.

Violent crimes: Our experienced legal team doesn’t shy away from high-stakes cases. We are ready to defend you against charges that include assault and battery, manslaughter and murder.

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Based in Los Angeles, Zarabi Law serves clients throughout California. We offer free initial consultations, in-person or online, so you can be confident that we are the right firm for you. To get started, call us today at 866-385-2925 or reach out online. Se habla español.