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Trafficking, possessing, and manufacturing drugs is prohibited by law. It is not illegal to possess anxiolytics or any other drug prescribed by doctors to treat a condition. It is only classified as a crime if the drug was acquired without the relevant medical recommendations, and is consumed without the supervision of a health professional. We clarify that each drug-related accusation is different, and sentences vary. Here we explain how to distinguish between them.


This is the most common crime associated with drugs. Having low amounts of opiates, morphine, cocaine, and other substances results in a sentence of up to one year in jail and a fine of $1,000 or less. Fortunately, most cases are resolved by placing the defendant in a diversion program without being subjected to lengthy sentences.

The severity of the charges increases if the amount of drugs you possess is greater. It can turn into another type of crime: possession for the purpose of distribution. In this case, a diversion program is no longer an option, and you will be sentenced to four years in prison.

Possession of Paraphernalia

This includes needles, cocaine spoons, and any other material used to use drugs. Possessing these types of paraphernalia exposes the defendant to a six-month prison sentence.


Operating a laboratory or carrying out any process to produce drugs is punishable by law. The fines are costly for the defendant – they run up to $50,000. Also, if convicted, he can face around seven years in prison.

Traffic and Distribution

The sale and transport of substances is a federal crime known for its serious penalties: five years in prison or life imprisonment. Everything will depend on the quantity of drugs found and the type. You may not get a long sentence for marijuana, but for dangerous drugs like methamphetamine, the consequences are more severe.

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