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Child molestation is a serious offense that can only be handled by a highly skilled lawyer. Prison sentences range from 5 to 20 years, but the punishment doesn’t end after being released. Your reputation is ruined permanently along with your ability to participate in society. The last thing you want is to have that accusation show up on a background check and lose the opportunity to get hired.

However, there is hope. A lot of citizens have fought these accusations successfully and left the courtroom with the charges reduced or dropped.

False accusation

People retaliate against others in many ways, including fabricating a story to accuse you of child molestation. Parents even manipulate their kids into wrongfully blaming a person for this. Whatever the reason, these allegations can be debunked with the right evidence.

The physical contact wasn’t sexual

A small pat on a minor’s shoulder is often misinterpreted. In order to be charged with child molestation, your intent should be sexual. If the child wasn’t touched in a sexual manner, the chances of getting the charges dropped are high.  

The victim of a lewd act is over 16 years old

Child molestation happens when adults engage in sexual activity with anyone under 18, but it’s different when it comes to lewd acts. California law states that it’s prohibited if the child is under 16. In this case, one can argue that the victim does not meet the age criteria. Therefore, it can’t be classified as child molestation.

The child doesn’t understand the situation.

Children don’t have the capacity to describe events clearly in all details. Parents may jump into conclusions and accuse you of molestation, but if the evidence is lacking, these allegations are easily proven false.

These defenses alone won’t guarantee you the best outcome. You must choose the correct attorney, someone capable of guiding you through the process of protecting your freedom. Our team at Zarabi Law is experienced at negotiating with prosecutors in child molestation cases and protecting citizens like you from harsh penalties they don’t deserve.

If you or a loved one is facing child molestation charges, schedule a consultation today.

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