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As a client, you don’t know what to expect from a relationship with an attorney. The legal aspects are very complex for most people, and the least the client needs is to run into a surprise. Therefore, the most fundamental things in the attorney-client relationship are communication and honesty. You have the right to ask the necessary questions and receive answers regardless of how negative they may sound.

Be sure to ask your attorney the following:

Can I purchase a copy of the discovery?

If you want to prepare for trial effectively and avoid unexpected court situations, check out your case discovery. It is common for both parties to meet beforehand to present all the evidence they will use at trial, and best of all, you can request a copy of this information from your attorney. Use it to your advantage to create a legitimate defense.

What is the maximum penalty?

A qualified attorney will never guarantee the dismissal or reduction of charges. Ask him about possible sentences – including even the worst-case scenario. You must know all the penalties you can face, from the least severe to the most serious.

Who is my investigator?

There are different entities that are dedicated to investigating crimes. Generally, federal crimes involve the FBI and other agencies like Homeland Security. If not a federal crime, the responsibility rests with the county police chief and state authorities. You can clarify this question with your lawyer at any time.

What is the cost?

The biggest concern of every customer is the price. Each attorney has different billing methods: hourly, fixed price, or contingency – you pay nothing unless you win the case in the end. You need to be clear regarding the matter of cost, as you risk paying hidden fees that were never discussed from the beginning.

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