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Only one in every ten people accused of sex crimes gets a favorable verdict at trial without legal representation, which means that the chances of being successful in this way are very low.

Many believe that they do not need a lawyer because they are innocent and all they have to do is reaffirm their innocence until the truth prevails. But it doesn’t work like that. Without an attorney, you will lose your time, money, and freedom in the end.

Now, what exactly would happen if you decide to go through the process on your own?

You will take the wrong course of action.

Complicated cases like these require the analysis of a qualified attorney. You will not win the case by showing the evidence and being honest. You need advice on what to say in court, how to present your side of the story, and which piece of evidence to use to challenge the prosecuting party.

Each statement will be used against you.

The police will do anything to extract information from the defendant – even promise to be released if he confesses. We already know this is not true and will be used against you later, detracting from your defense’s credibility. You have less risk of incriminating yourself with a lawyer by your side as he is prepared and qualified to protect you from these pressures.

You will face an unfair sentence.

Imagine yourself in court alone, dealing with unfamiliar legal terms, and not knowing what to answer. With an attorney, you don’t have to worry about falling into a trap. He will defend you from prosecutors at all times and will negotiate with them using his knowledge of the legal field to ensure a less severe sentence.

You will lose opportunities.

After you are sentenced, you must register as a sex offender – a detail that a potential boss would detect in a criminal background check. Of course, there is no way to erase it, but it can be prevented by choosing a criminal law expert who ensures the odds are in your favor.

Zarabi Law has years of experience building robust defenses for sex crime cases that have led to the total reduction or dismissal of charges. Request a free consultation today in California.

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